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OMU says its ready for the winter weather

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Vectren have crews on standby in case of any power outages, and Tuesday night OMU says it's Owensboro crews are ready, too. 

Owensboro Municipal Utilities says they are standing by and prepared for any outages from the upcoming winter weather.

Robert Sosh is already preparing for the snow by digging out his shovels and his sled. He says he can't wait to play in it.

"We got all our shovels ready, a few sleds ready, got to go out and play in the snow like a big kid and have some fun. I have an old hood lying around here. We're going to tie a rope to it and pull it behind a four wheeler and going to go play," Sosh said.

OMU is also preparing for the Wednesday morning weather and has crews standing by ready for any power outages.

"We're monitoring it very carefully. This is a storm. We take them very seriously. We take delivering power to our customers very seriously," said Sonya Dixon with Owensboro Municipal Utilities. 

OMU says to drive carefully because some power outages in bad weather are not only caused by the wind, but by driver's losing control and taking out utility poles.

Sosh says he is prepared incase the power does go out.

"I have a generator just in case as a back up like we did several years ago with the ice storm. We lived off of that for about 11 days. So I am as prepared as I can be," Sosh said.

If your power goes out, OMU says it is very important that you report the outage to them.

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