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Winter tips for wintry weather


Whether you are staying at home or traveling this Christmas, we have some advice to help you deal with the possible winter weather headed our way.

For starters, it's a good idea to have handy a first aid kit, a flash light, and an ice scraper just in case you get stranded.

And if you hitting the road, there are some service issue you'll want to address beforehand.

As the temperatures drop, so could your tire pressure. Experts say the low pressure can cause problems such as a flat tire. Adding air to the proper tire pressure not only is a good service measure, it also can improve your gas mileage.

Drivers also should check their antifreeze levels before taking that road trip.

"If it's not to the right temperature, freeze point, the mixture of water and antifreeze could possibly freeze up, so you always have to check that," says Anthony Pugh, Tune-It Lube Manager.

Another thing: Don't use cruise control if the weather brings rain, snow or ice. Cruise control can cause drivers to lose control of the car and have an accident.

Here are some cold-weather tips for those who plan to stay at home.

To prevent water pipes from freezing and/or bursting, buy foam covers from any hardware store, or wrap them with towels or newspaper.

Weather strips for your windows and doors also comes in handy.

"It has an adhesive on one side. You can put it between your door jam and your door stop to prevent draft and so forth," a worker at a local hardware store advised.

And keeping the draft out can mean money saved on those winter utility bills.

Finally, what people often don't remember to check until it's too late is their windshield wiper fluid.

There are different mists that retailers sell for summer and winter. The winter mist has some de-icer that can help to melt the ice from your windshield.

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