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Recent shootings continue to fuel debate on gun control laws

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The latest shooting death in Evansville, the school shooting in Connecticut, and others continue to fuel the debate over tighter gun control laws.

Now, many people are asking themselves, 'Do we need guns in the hands of civilians?'

"I think that our country has to deal with the need for a ban on weapons, in particular, assault weapons," said Rev. Adrian Brooks with Memorial Baptist Church. 

Those were the words of Evansville Pastor Adrian Brooks directly following the Sandy Hook shooting. Brooks says he has seen enough of gun violence in this country and that he is ready to see a change.

"This plethora of guns that we have on the streets of our cities, why is it so necessary? I do not know," Brook said.

Those on the other side say we need guns to protect ourselves from those who aim to harm us. Those same people are using Sunday night's shooting on Denby Avenue as an example.

"He was attempting to attack someone else who was not going to be able to defend themselves, and they did what they had to do," Jason Cullum, with Evansville Police, said.

"He's definitely in the right. People have to be able to defend themselves in this country. I mean otherwise, criminals would just be able to take over," said Jeff Meeks, the owner of Meeks Guns in Ft. Branch. 

Meeks says taking guns away from everyone is not the answer to the problem, but that we must keep them away from those who are mentally unstable.

"If you have someone in your family that needs that help, they should not have access to your guns," Meeks said.

Others say those who are mentally unstable will still find a way to get a hold of a weapon, no matter what changes are made to the gun-buying process.

Meanwhile, President Obama has vowed to make changes, that could include a ban on certain types of weapons.

"I don't really know. I just wish the government would stay out of it," said a woman who spoke with 14 News.

President Obama recently announced he would submit new gun control proposals to Congress sometime in January.

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