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Daviess Co. deputy receives award

A Daviess County deputy has been recognized for his dedication to traffic safety and saving lives.

Deputy Tyler Free was presented with the Governor's DUI Award, which acknowledges who's made the most drunk driving arrests throughout the year within each office.

It's an honor that he's proud of, but Deputy Free says that he doesn't go to work every day

"This job, being a deputy, police officer, law enforcement..you don't go into it looking for recognition, but it's always nice when you get recognized for something that you do," said Free.

Throughout the year, Deputy Free has arrested 59 drunk drivers.

He cites the wide-reaching impact of the problem as the reason for his passion and dedication.

"Probably everyone has someone they know that's been affected by a dui driver, and it's one thing in my job that I can do where I know that I'm making a difference," said Free.

On a typical day, Deputy Free works the midnight shift.

His supervisors point out that the award is a result of much more than just the scheduled time that he's on duty.

"It's not just the shift," said Lieutenant Barry Smith.  "You have to be...you have to be game on, looking for the DUI's, and really be wanting to get the DUI's."

But at the end of the day for Deputy Free, it all comes down to keeping the roads safe all year long and especially during the holidays.

"It's not just a crime against one person," said Free.   "It's a crime against everyone on the roadway."

Deputy Free says it's important to remember that drunk driving can happen all year, not just during the holidays.

Deputy Free has been on the force for four years.

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