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High winds force KY family to spend Christmas away from home

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A Calhoun family won't be home for Christmas this year after Thursday's high winds damaged their house.

The Brown family has lived in Calhoun for three months, but they will now have to find another home after a giant tree destroyed their house.

Morgan Brown was showering Thursday morning when she heard branches falling from the tree outside the window. She cut her shower short.

"We kept looking out the window and checking on the tree," she said. "It kept swaying back and forth, it was a big tree! It was bigger than the house. Like, all of a sudden out of nowhere we hear a big crack and a big thud on the house."

That tree crashed through the corner roof, through the bathroom where Morgan had been showering.

"I was kind of rushing," Morgan said. "I think I skipped a couple of things to do, but, I had to get out of there!"

The water and electricity had to be turned off and the family was forced to move out of their house. They say they are thankful that the tree landed on the back of the house because the damage would have been much worse.

"If it laid dead center, I think it would have been really hurt, and my step dad and everyone would have been really hurt."

The family has a place to stay for the next week and a half, but they aren't sure where they will live after that. If you would like to help them, you can contact the Owensboro Red Cross.

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