Weekly wrap-up & Merry Christmas!

Ahhhh, Friday!  Even better since Christmas is almost here!  We decided to have a little fun on set this morning and wear these props while showing some viewer holiday photos.  Dan and Byron were good sports to go along with it!

It was funny because Dan and I actually had them on while Byron was giving his forecast.  When Byron came over to join us at the desk while the weather graphics were still up, Dan just held the little Rudolph ears out to him and he put them right on, no questions asked.  I wonder what else I could get away with convincing them to do??  I'll be thinking between now and my next fill-in stint!  Ha!  Watch out, fellas! :)

You know, when you work at a tv station, one of the downsides is that working some holidays is part of the gig.  That being said, I'm blessed that I have Monday and Tuesday off!  I'll be spending lots of time with my family, eating too much and catching up on sleep, most likely!

Earlier this week I was talking about the Christmas party I recently hosted.  Here's a picture to show you the fun photo wall I was talking about!  This is me with fellow reporters (and my friends!) Gina DiPietro and Allyson Kraemer!  That's garland I have wrapped around my head, by the way.  Apparently I'm not really over that whole playing dress-up stage of my life:)

This week was a pretty busy one, but also a very enjoyable one from a story content perspective.  Because of the Sunrise schedule, I only went out to shoot two stories this week.  One aired Wednesday, the other Thursday.  Both were about Tri-State students doing good things, which I love!

The first was about a new class at the Academy for Innovative Studies, Diamond Campus.  A new teacher there is teaching a community service class.  As part of the class, 16 students spend about 40 minutes at the It Takes a Village Canine Rescue Center over on Stockwell Road once a week.  They do things like feed the dogs, clean up after them and take them for walks.


The kids really enjoy doing it, and it's great for the dogs to get some extra lovin'!

This young lady didn't even like dogs when she first started going to the rescue, but over time, she became pretty attached to one particular dog that (thankfully!) recently found a home.  She's even planning to go back to the rescue to help out on her own time.  Good to hear:)

The students at AIS have often been in trouble in the past or had some kind of other circumstance that's led them to an alternative school.  The dogs at It Takes a Village have had their own share of tough days, so it's kind of fitting the two have joined up.  I think it is a GREAT idea and hope it continues!

The other story I wanted to talk about for a second was one I covered yesterday.  At Mt. Vernon Junior High School, students collected thousands of cans during their annual food drive.  They more than doubled what they brought in last year!  As an incentive, the superintendent, principal and I think two teachers said they would buzz their heads if the kids reached a certain amount.  They ended up bringing in enough to fill an entire school bus-plus some!  Way to go!!


Yesterday, the clippers came out at an all-school assembly!  One of the "victims" couldn't be there, but these three brave souls let the kids get in some good laughs at their expense.


Not only did they get their hair buzzed, they suffered through various "looks" in the process.


The students really loved it when, afterwards, they danced "Gangnam Style".  For those not in the loop, it's a bit of a fad dance at the moment that is pretty humorous. :)

All in all, a pretty good week.  Now I just need to catch up on some sleep!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  I hope you are able to spend it with loved ones.

Until next time,