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Just a quick check-in

How does this keep happening?? :)  Another crazy day putting me up against the clock!  Tomorrow should be much calmer around here, so hopefully I can do a big catch-up post.  I need to fill you in on my day of fun and joy (mixed in with a little bit of crazy :).  For now I need to jet out to Posey County to say hello to a wonderful family who just received the keys to their new home today.

I've written about the Harker's before, I think.  Kenneth is an Iraq war veteran who lost both legs because of injuries he sustained while serving.  A national non-profit organization called Homes for Our Troops stepped up to build he, his wife Heather, and their baby girl a new handicap-accessible home! 

Anyway, the ceremony was 90 minutes ago, so I'd say by the time I get there I will be considered more than fashionably late.  BUT, the effort has to count for something, right???

Ok, more tomorrow.  Last day on Sunrise.  Dan is back from vacation, but Beth has the day off!

Until next time,


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