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8th graders propose healthcare bill in memory of Lane Goodwin

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People around the world have been inspired by Lane Goodwin's Thumbs Up Campaign as the Kentucky teenager battled cancer and even after Lane's death in October, his spirit lives on. 

Middle school students at Holy Name Catholic School, in Henderson, have drafted a bill to help support families of children sick with cancer. 

"Lane wanted to make a difference for children with cancer, and he's not here to do that, so we're gonna help him do that," said Belle Townsend.

13-year-old Lane Goodwin, may be gone, but a group of eighth graders is picking up where he left off.

Five students, who are part of a mock government have drafted a bill that would financially help out the families of kids sick with cancer.

"Taxes will be deducted 30 percent, and they don't actually get the money, they're taxes are just lowered...and um, all medicine will be $25," said Townsend.

"It's just amazing," said George Goodwin, Lane's father.

Thursday morning they presented the bill to Lane's parents.

"This would make a huge difference for families. The expense is outrageous. There's times when you go to the clinic 3 or 4 times a week for Chemo," said Angie Goodwin, Lane's mother.

The students already read the bill in front of other students at the capitol.

It was chosen to be part of the Youth Action Agenda, which means it's now in the hands of real Kentucky legislators, and could eventually be presented officially by one of them.

"That's amazing that 7 and 8th graders can actually come up with a bill that goes into actual law," said Logan Douglas, 8th grade student.

The bill still has a long way to go before it would become Kentucky law, but to lane's parent's that doesn't matter.

They may not have gotten the miracle they were praying for... "But there was definitely a miracle performed. I mean, this is worldwide," said Angie Goodwin.

"We're very honored that our son is still helping, and still changing things," said George Goodwin.

"Lanes Law" is now in the hands of Kentucky lawmakers.

We'll keep you posted on it's progress. 

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