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Curing holiday stress is a stretch

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If you're interested in trying yoga, a local sporting goods store is opening its doors Thursday night for a unique opportunity.

Gear Up on the east side, right across from the mall, is hosting a yoga session that will benefit Wesselman Woods Nature Society.

Christmas shopping can be stressful and yoga is designed to help you relax. So why not combine the two?

"It's an awesome opportunity to come in and shop locally for the Christmas season and also come in and get some of the destresses of the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping," said Kim Allen, yoga instructor.

Kim Allen is a yoga instructor and Jim Moers owns and operates Gear Up. They partnered together to offer this unique opportunity, but how exactly can you do yoga in a retail store?

Emily Mieure: How do you make room for everyone?

Jim Moers: We just moved a lot of things. A lot of display racks and tables and shoes and made it all work.

Kim Allen: My favorite thing as an instructor is being able to share the practice with other people and share the practice and get them involved.

Any proceeds collected will go to the Wesselman Woods Nature Society.

"They have a lot of education not only for kids but adults as well," said Allen.

Kim is a pro when it comes to yoga but she says anyone, including beginners are encouraged to come.

Jim even got in on the last session.

"I participated and it was fun. First time I'd done yoga for probably 20 years," said Moers.

Jim says this is a good chance for customers to come in after hours and do some shopping. He says this season has been a tough one.

Jim"it hasn't been terrific. It's been kind of strange. You know we had more warm weather like we had last year so it is what it is. You just go with the punches," said Moers.

The session is at 7 Thursday night at Gear Up.

Kim says all you need to bring is a yoga mat and a good attitude.

All are welcome. 

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