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Tri-Staters react to gun violence task force group after attending vigil for CT victims

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Wednesday, the President announced an inter-agency group, led by Vice President Joe Biden, that will address gun violence and it has only a few weeks to do so.

This new push comes five days after a gunman shot and killed 26 people, including 20 children, and his mother in Connecticut.

The President says Americans can't prevent all tragedies like this one, but we're obligated to at least try.

We've opened this up for discussion on our 14 News Facebook page.

So far, many agree with the President when it comes to gun control. Others say they want to see better access to mental health care.

Whatever the action, mourners at Wednesday night's prayer service say something must be done, and now.

Dozens came together Wednesday night at St. Mary Catholic Church, sending messages of support to Newtown and to remember those taken too soon.

"When we see a child that is of that age, you can't help but think, there was that little face, that little child that isn't here anymore," said  Sharon Bray, who attended the service.

Wednesday, President Obama took action, asking for reforms of the nation's gun control policies and mental health care.

Wednesday night, many prayers and questions, in the wake of Friday's tragedy.

"I think this is maybe the tipping point to do something positive in both areas in terms of gun control and helping the mentally ill," said Tim Bray, who attended the service.

"I think it's time we had a national discussion on gun control. I think some sensible rules in place would help protect a lot of people," said Sharon Bray, who also attended the service.

The President's proposals include a ban on assault weapons and the sale of high-capacity ammunition clips.

Proposals that he, and millions of Americans, hope will make a difference.

"Nothing is too late," Tim said. "If the first effort doesn't change or help then do the second effort and the third effort and the fourth effort until we get it right."

The group led by Vice President Biden has until the end of January to put forth a set of proposals.

But Wednesday night, the President concedes that there is no set of laws that will stop every last act of "senseless violence."

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