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Lonnng day, but worth it!

Hi everyone!  This shouldn't even count as an entry, but I can't break my streak!  It is 5:36pm, and I am still at work.  Normally, this would be perfectly reasonable—even early in my book.  Today, however, I got to work around 3:15AM!!!  Ahh!!!

I worked on a feature story that I (obviously) spent quite a bit of time on, but it was worth it.  It's a positive look at some students at the Academy of Innovative Studies in Evansville.  It's an alternative school, so students have likely dealt with some problems or other issues in the past.  Their teacher though, wanted to show that shouldn't just be written off.

This school year, they've been taking a new community service class.  Once a week, as part of the class, they go to a dog rescue in town and help take care of the animals there.  They've really come to love it, and it helps the regular volunteers at the rescue as well!  The story will be online later tonight if you want to check it out!

Ok, I've got to go before I fall asleep at my desk.  (It's so messy I don't think that could really happen, but you catch my drift:) )

Have a great night.  I'm off to dreamland!  Back tomorrow morning for Sunrise 5-7am!

Until next time,


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