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Stamp sales soaring as holiday season is ushered in

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Both locally and nationwide, it's been an exceptionally busy holiday season for the US Postal Service.

Employees at the Post Office on Wabash Avenue in Evansville tell 14 News the revenue for this particular branch is up from last year

They've seen an increase in stamp sales, which has led to more mail being dropped off.

Wednesday was the busiest mail delivery day for letter carriers like Bonnie Hall.

"I've picked up tub fulls and box fulls of outgoing cards that they're sending out to their customers and such," Bonnie said. "And as far as the packages, yes I've been delivering an abundance of those."

Each hour, at least 100 customers come through the Post Office where Bonnie works. A huge thing in dire times, as delivery supervisor Dana Powell puts it.

"It is dire right now. Offices are closing down, so to see customers that we see on a daily basis," Powell said. "It's great. It's a good feeling."

Daily revenue is also up for the branch, and in particular, stamp sales. They've gone up 15% this December. That's about 1,200 stamp books, which adds up to an extra 24,000 stamps.

"That's good for the carriers. That's good for us. It's just good all the way around," said Powell.

The increase in business also holds up nationwide. The postal service expects to deliver a record-breaking 365 million packages this year. That's 20% more than in 2011.

"Cyber Monday is getting bigger. More packages than we've ever seen really," said Powell. "So it's just great. It's great. It's revenue that the postal service definitely needs."

In January, the price of stamps is going up one cent, from 45 cents to 46 cents. The postal service says it's a way to boost revenue.

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