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O'boro Humane Society says turn out low on spay and neuter clinic


The Owensboro Humane Society wants to remind Hancock County residents that they're able to get their cats spayed or neutered for a small donation.

Two months after the special clinics started, the organization isn't sure why it hasn't fixed more cats. 

Wednesday 's clinic is one of several that have taken place since October, thanks to the No More Excuses grant.

That grant provides enough money to spay or neuter 350 cats from Hancock County, but according to the humane society, only about 60 have undergone the procedures so far.

That's left the group questioning why more cats haven't been brought to Owensboro, especially considering the situation in Hancock County.

There are no vets and the animal control there doesn't take cats.

11 cats from Hancock County were brought to Wednesday's spay and neuter clinic.

The Humane Society was pleased with that number, but wants to get the word out and see it go even higher.

"We're ready to do more, and we're wanting to do more, and please come and sign up. It's $10. We're never gonna be able to do this again. Thanks to the Pet Smart grant. We'll never be able to do this again. Please take advantage of it. Everybody in Hancock County, please do," said Carmel McLeod, Owensboro Humane Society President.

Hancock County residents that want to participate are able to drop off their cats here at the Humane Society in Owensboro and then pick them up later the same day.

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