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Local gun shop owners say sales have been on the rise

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Gun control is just one of a number of key issues being raised after Friday's school shooting in Connecticut.

We at 14 News do not have a position, but we do want you at home to have the facts on what it takes to purchase a gun.

Gun shop owners say their stores were packed with customers on Monday. The gun control debate apparently causing the demand for guns to rise. 

That includes assault rifles, like the one used to kill 20 children and six adults inside Sandy Hook Elementary School.

"Since the happening Friday, unfortunately, people have panicked. They've gotten out and they're worried about not being able to get these types of weapons," Bob Hinton said.

Bob Hinton, owner of Right to Bear Arms in Haubstadt, says customers were waiting in the parking lot when he opened this morning at 10 a.m.

When asked how many AR-style rifles Hinton sold on Monday, he said, "Probably 10 to 15, somewhere in that area.  

When asked about the week prior, "The whole week? 20, 25 maybe. Not in the one day." 

Hinton says the process of buying a gun is relatively simple.

In Indiana, you must be 18 and pass a national instant criminal background check from the FBI.

The same goes for Kentucky. 

"Well as long as it comes back clear, we bring it out then, they get their firearm. They've already signed their paperwork. We've done our background check on them. Then at that point, they just purchase the weapon," Hinton said. "If they're clear and don't have anything else, it can be done in about 20 minutes. 

Hinton says the background check includes criminal history, mental status, and drug and alcohol use. He says he also trusts his instincts.

"Being shop owners ourselves you know, we have to be judges of character as well. Usually, we take a first impression and use that," Hinton told 14 News. 

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is urging state lawmakers to consider an assault weapons ban. He is among a number of politicians that believe the shooting in Connecticut should lead to an assault weapons ban, nationwide.

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