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EVSC and law enforcement work together to keep kids safe

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The Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation and city and county law enforcement work together as a team to protect students and staff. 

Following the school shooting in Newtown, school officials will meet with the Evansville Police Department, and even the sheriff's office, to review the current security measures.

"Something like this can happen anywhere, any time. No greater urgency probably now than there was before, but because it's in the news and it's all over the place. Obviously, it's got people thinking about it," Patrick Phernetton said. Phernetton is EPD's School Resource Officer. 

Violence can happen in the most unexpected places, and to best protect students while at school, EVSC and the Evansville Police Department often discuss the most effective security measures.

"It's important that there's a lot of information sharing. Because in the chaos, in that environment, that's not the time to run to the office and say, 'OK what do you have your teachers doing now?' We need to know as soon as we show up at the door," EPD's Jason Cullum said.

To keep kids safe, Sergeant Jason Cullum says it starts with vigilance by the school staff. 

"That they see signs that something may be wrong with a student, with an employee. That they monitor their surroundings throughout the day. Is there somebody that's hanging around the property?" Cullum said. 

Then it gets into the physical security of the school. While it's important to know how to respond, Cullum adds that it's equally as important to consider how to prevent tragedies in the first place. 

"If the only thing that we're doing as a society is waiting until those things happen and we're not doing anything well before they show up at the door to the school, then we're really missing an opportunity to prevent them," Cullum said to 14 News.

Officers say there are specific security drills in place, but couldn't go into too much detail about those plans, because officials don't want to put students at risk.

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