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O'boro officials say Smothers Park safer thanks to technology

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The newly renovated Smothers Park in Owensboro has been open for almost four months. One of the changes we told you about back in August was the addition of security cameras in the park. 

"The cameras at Smothers and Riverfront Crossing have been great," said Amanda Rogers, Owensboro Parks and Recreation.

Some might be harder to spot than others, but parks department officials say the cameras have served them in ways beyond security.

"They give us an opportunity as staff and management to look at the park at any given time, even if we're not on property, see how many people are in the park. That helps us for operations of the park, gives me an idea of when our high traffic counts are, when I need to have staff there," said Rogers. 

Along with the parks department, some management at city hall and the Owensboro Police Department can monitor the park through a secure network.

Police can access the cameras from almost anywhere.

"These cameras are digital. We can view them from our office work stations, the police cruisers themselves, and at the front desk, so it's going great so far," said Sgt. David Powell, OPD. 

The cameras have already played a role in some investigations.

"We have used them to go back and review surveillance for small acts of vandalism and those kinds of things so far," said Sgt. Powell. 

Officials point out that the success of these cameras means that they could be added in other parks.

"Anything that we as a Park's department and city can do to add safety and security mechanisms to a location that we operate, we definitely are interested in that," said Rogers. 

The police department says the cameras are a good compliment to the foot patrols that they have here every day.

The police department and other officials are able to use their software to zoom in and look at a specific area or person in the park if the need arises. 

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