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Ahhh... vacation!

Happy Monday, everybody!  I'm sure you've just been beside yourself with anticipation awaiting a new blog entry, so here goes!!!  :)

Can I just say, I love vacation???  It seems like usually my vacation days are used for out-of-town events like weddings, bridal showers, etc.  This time around, I did not leave the Evansville City Limits, and it was glorious!!!  I spent most of the 4 days preparing for a Christmas party I threw at my apartment Friday night.  Now, I know that sounds like a lot of time, but when you aren't predisposed to domesticity, it takes longer to get things in order to fool people into thinking you're a proper party host.  I do, however, think my plot worked.  Everyone seemed to have a good time!  Hooray!

One of the highlights of the party had to be my homemade picture wall and "box of fun" that went along with it.  I went a little crazy at the Dollar Tree and bought a bunch of holiday decorations.  Candy cane wrapping paper became wallpaper—and voila—we had the backdrop and props for a lot of silly Christmas pictures!!!  I planned to insert a few of them here, but looks like I won't be able to do that until tomorrow:(  Wah-wah.

I completely forgot to take pictures of the food we had on hand, sadly.  I tackled bacon-wrapped cocktail wienies, baked mac ‘n cheese bites and Oreo truffles.  I never sampled the truffles, but the other two items turned out pretty well.  I mean, I feel like it's pretty hard to screw up anything wrapped in bacon?? :)


Saturday was our annual WFIE Christmas party.  Last year I didn't end up going, so this was my first one.  I ended up being pretty happy with my outfit, so, dorky as it is of me to do so, I thought I'd show it off, ha!  I don't get all gussied up all that often!  Also, I FINALLY got my hair cut and colored over my vacation.  First time since JUNE.  Wowser.  Talk about being overdue!  Decided to go with some side bangs to change things up a little bit.  Let's hope I don't end up regretting them!  


We had some yummy food and a few pretty hilarious karaoke performances.  14 News anchor Brian Boesen, reporter Brett Hoffland, morning editor Dylan Smith, my boyfriend Matt and reporter Allyson Kraemer's guy Jake showcased their vocal chops with a splendid rendition of The Backstreet Boys' 1999 hit "I Want It That Way".  Much laughter ensued as this was happening in real time (most of it by me). 

A few other high points: Dan "The Man" Katz wowing us all with a version of an Adele song, Brett getting the party started with a very spirited version of the recent summer classic "Call Me Maybe", and Dylan channeling his inner Justin Bieber while singing "Baby".  Ahh… good times!  I only wish I had enough guts to sing karaoke in front of my co-workers!!   They, however, are probably lucky I don't!  Ha!!

Well, on to the next thing on my to-do list this morning!  I'm filling in on Sunrise all week (today-Thurs. for Dan and Friday for Beth), so my entries should be posted much earlier than usual! 

Until next time,


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