Click here for tips on how to shield elderly family members from fraud

When you get together with your family this Christmas - the Green River Area Development District wants you to talk to your elderly family members about financial exploitation.

The numbers are staggering - as many as 5 million older adults are the victims of financial abuse annually...

GRADD officials say - you want to watch for financial activity that is inconsistent with an older adults past financial history.

Look for confusion about financial arrangements - changes in key documents that aren't authorized- and possibly - a caregiver who refuses to use designated funds for necessary care.

Also- ask your elderly loved ones some basic questions about who they trust with their financial information.

Famlies who are concerned about financial exploitation should report the issue to the state. Advocates say - it's also a good idea to get an estate plan in place, and to remind elderly family members never to give out secure information.

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