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Tri-State schools say they're prepared for questions about the shooting

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The news of the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut could have some Tri-state children worried about walking into their own school building Monday morning but some local school officials told 14 News, they're prepared to make sure children know they're safe.

Several Tri-State churches are also preparing for the same Sunday morning.

Some local leaders believe many children will be a little confused and somewhat fearful for their safety in the coming days, but say local organizations are prepared to address the issue.

"I just couldn't imagine the pain that these families feel," said Rev. Adrian Brooks, pastor of Memorial Baptist Church in Evansville.

Rev. Brooks said he will lead a prayer vigil at Osborne Funeral Home Sunday night for the families affected by Friday's shooting.

He is calling on parents, teachers, and preachers to take it upon themselves to make their children feel safe again.

"Kids may feel a little uneasy right now," said Rev. Brooks.  "As parents and as pastors and people in the community, it is our responsibility to bring them back to a place of peace and normalcy."

Rev. Brooks believes it is important to reinforce the idea that Friday's shooting was abnormal.

Marsha Jackson, spokesperson for the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation, said she agrees and said the EVSC is prepared to comfort its students when classes resume on Monday.

"There's no specific plan for Monday morning," said Jackson.  "You know, we're not having an assembly to talk about what happened in Connecticut but if children do have, you know, questions come Monday morning, or things they want to know about, we will handle that as it comes up."

Jackson said the EVSC has a group of counselors who make up a crisis team.

"Whether it's someone who gets killed here in town or a tragedy like this that they connect to something else in their lives, we just really allow the children a time to talk with the counselor and allow them to work through it."

Both Jackson and Rev. Brooks believe no child should be afraid to go to school and that this time of uncertainty and fear will pass.

For now, they said they will offer support and help rebuild the children's psyche, one day at a time.

"We're just hugging our kids a little tighter," said Rev. Brooks.  "Just reassuring them that people are here to support you and not hurt you."

"You know, we'll just take it as it comes," said Jackson.

A prayer vigil is scheduled for Sunday night at Osborne Funeral Home on Gum Street in Evansville.  It's set to start at 5:30pm.

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