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Neighbor of Ryan Lanza talks to 14 News about response by authorities

Photo Courtesy: Jen Handel Photo Courtesy: Jen Handel

On Friday, as you know, authorities mistakenly identified the Connecticut school shooter as Ryan Lanza.

Police, emergency services units, and the FBI swarmed the 24-year-old's Hoboken, New Jersey apartment building.

Next door, lives neighbor Jen Handel, who was met by police caution tape as she returned home.

Handel along with the rest of America, watched the horror unfolding at Newtown today, but soon the story shifted closer to home.

"I'd been hearing rumors all day that it was going on but I came home from work probably around 5 PM, they had taped off with caution tape my whole street soI had to speak to a cop and I got ID' d to be able to get into my building," said Handel.

Her building, right next door Ryan Lanza's, the older brother of Adam Lanza, the suspect in the Connecticut elementary school shooting.

Ryan Lanza was taken in for police questioning in Hoboken Friday afternoon.

He's not under arrest and is not being called a suspect.

"So the police officer told me he didn't have a lot of information but they blocked off the area waiting for a search warrant to confiscate the brother's computers and things," said Handel.

Officials say Ryan Lanza has been "extremely cooperative" and that he is still be being questioned, but is not in custody and is not believed to have any connection to the school killings.

They say Lanza's computers and phone records were being searched but only "in an abundance of caution."

We're told Ryan Lanza told authorities he had not been in touch with his brother in recent years.

After Lanza left with authorities, Handel says police, the news media, and street barricades all disappeared and life at 13th and Grand is now quiet gain. 

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