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Tri-Staters react to tragic shooting at Conn. elementary school

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We have local reaction to the deadly events at that Connecticut elementary school. 

Ironically, Lowell Elementary in Princeton, held a lockdown drill just this morning around the same time the shooting in Connecticut began.

Friday night, North Gibson along with other school corporations say they're revisiting their emergency plans in the wake of today's tragedy.

Assistant Superintendent Eric Goggins says what's most important is to be as prepared as you can possibly be. He says students and teachers practice throughout the year for all kinds of emergencies, even like the one today.

Goggins says it's important for teachers to learn to stay calm and follow procedure to the 'T'.

"Even in the event that something like what happened in Connecticut should happen here we want kids to know that everything is ok because we're going to protect you and we're going to get you where you need to be to be safe so calmness is always what we're looking for and typically what we do see," said Goggins.

North Gibson and most schools in the Tri-State lock their doors during the school day, but in this case in Newtown, it appears the shooter was the son of a teacher there so he was let inside.

Goggins and area educators say their hearts go out to the parents, teachers and students who now have a long road of recovery ahead.

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