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Rockport Police on the look out for third burglary suspect

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William York William York
Markem Nugent Markem Nugent

Two suspects arrested and a third being sought in several Rockport, Indiana burglaries.

Authorities say William York and a male juvenile, both of Rockport, are in jail.

A third suspect identified as Markem Nugent, also from Rockport, is still being sought in the case. 

Chief Dale Meredith says that two men have been arrested in connection to eight burglaries around town and that a third suspect is still on the loose.

"The MO that was used was basically 'smash and grab.' They would break a window, climb through the window, grab whatever was in the register, and take off," said Dale Meredith, Rockport Police Chief.

Chief Meredith says they arrested a male juvenile and William York. He also says they are actively looking for the third member of the group, Markem Nugent.

"We had probably about eight or... Seven businesses and one residential residence that we know of, that was broken into, that was reported," said Meredith.

Eight burglaries over a one-and-a-half month span. Meredith says the trio burglarized places like Citgo and Grandy's, a local liquor store and a family-owned hardware store.

"It was more the invasion than it was the actual property or dollars that really affects us," said John Obermeier, store manager.

John Obermeier of Obermeier Hardware and Retail says this was the third time someone has broken into the store. Police say the suspects mostly stole cash, but Obermeier says they stole a sense of security, as well.

"You walk in and you're the only one in the building. When you walk in, you see it, and you kind of think, you know, I got family now. And you kind of think about those things that, you know, 'what stage are we in this break-in? Did it happen, you know, hours ago? Or, is it going on now?," said Obermeier.

Obermeier says he is relieved to hear two of the suspects have been caught, though one is still out there and he says he is thankful that no one was hurt, as a result of these break-ins.

"You know, we're just grateful nobody got injured,... Nobody was really, you know, in harm's way. That's the most important part. We'll just keep going through business every day and try to prevent it all we can and move on," said Obermeier.

Chief Meredith says this investigation is still ongoing and we will update it as we learn more. 

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