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Madisonville business owners battle over road closure

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A dispute over a road closure in Hopkins County. 

It's happening between Bobo's Chinese Restaurant and Arby's in Madisonville.

Now the owner of the road has parked a large box truck to block traffic.

The owner, Jerry Lewis, says he closed the street because of liability issues after receiving complaints from area drivers about potholes, but it's causing quite a headache for several local businesses.

If you're looking to stop at Arby's or other local businesses in the area, you'll be forced to turn around and find a new way in, or in some people's case, drive around a big white truck.

"That's a big cut through for people trying to get around the 41-A, 41 light," said Mark Martin, Owner Madisonville Hobbies.

The road and the truck are owned by Jerry Lewis who also owns an auto sales shop two stores down. He says for a few weeks now, he's been receiving angry complaints from residents about how badly his road needs to be repaired.

"The way they call me or knew I even owned it was by calling city hall and of course city hall informs them that I own it to call me. And it progressed and I got tired of hearing it and so I went up there and blocked it," said Lewis.

Lewis says Arby's customers are the main reason for the potholes, and he feel he shouldn't be responsible for fixing it.

"My intentions is not to fix it. I don't use the road, that's not my entrance. I own it but I don't use it," said Lewis.

Mark Martin owns Madisonville Hobbies down the street, and he says they have dozens of people locally and from out of state coming in for a big race tonight, and he's a bit concerned that this closure might affect his customers.

"They're going to be confused when they see the big white truck. They're going to look for another route over here and it may slow them down a little bit, mostly inconvenience," said Martin. 

Lewis also contacted the city, but they said it's a private road and all repairs must come from that party.

"It seems like a pretty small hole. I think it could be fixed pretty easy. I think it may be a power struggle, I'm not going to fix it somebody else ought to fix it, who knows," said Martin.

Arby's said today they do plan to pay for the road to be fixed, no timeline of when that'll be, the two parties are still working out the details.

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