Newton sentenced for home invasion of senior

On Tuesday, 37-year-old Henry Lee Newton was sentenced to 65 years in prison for his role in a home invasion of a senior citizen.

On November 15 he was found guilty of Burglary Resulting in Bodily Injury – Class A Felony. Newton was sentenced to 35 years for the Class A Felony with an additional 30 years added to the sentence for his guilty plea as an Habitual Offender.

Newton was also sentenced to 12 years for Robbery Resulting in Bodily Injury – Class B Felony and 2 years for Theft – Class D Felony.

He will serve each of these sentences concurrently in the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Newton was set to be sentenced last Friday, but the victim in this case, James Moll, wanted to submit a letter to the court prior to sentencing.

On April 13, 82-year-old Moll was tied up and robbed in his home. Newton was accused of stealing two debit cards from the victim and threatening to kill him at gunpoint. 
Newton then left Moll tied up all night.

The suspect was identified from two different video surveillance locations, where he used the victim's stolen debit cards.

Now Newton awaits trial on another case where he is being charged with Burglary – Class B Felony and Theft – Class D Felony. The trial is set for April 3, 2012. 
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