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Police investigating second crime at fire damaged home

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Officials are investigating a second crime at a fire damaged home in the 600 block of Linwood Avenue.

Investigators say the fire was intentionally set and someone has now stolen aluminum siding from the home.

A construction crew spent the afternoon boarding up the house after a large portion of the siding had been ripped off.

Evansville Police say thieves can steal the siding quickly without ladders or equipment.

Officials say the few hundred dollars in scrap isn't worth the class D felony charge and these unsafe structures are a hazard in the community. 

"The houses that are vacant that are not secured are a hazard for neighborhood kids getting in there, we've seen some homeless folks set up in there when the weather gets bad, we know that at least a couple of fire have happened over the last few years happen in vacant homes where homeless people had been staying,' said Sgt. Jason Cullum, EPD.

Police say they work with local scrap yards to help identify suspects who may be involved in these kind of thefts. 

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