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Tin Man goes green

A local brewery is using hi-tech equipment to go green.

Tin Man owners say it's just a responsible way to do business. 

The head brewer says they're using an innovative draft system, just the third of its kind in the world. 

It's used in place of kegs, and takes up a lot less space. It also doesn't need to be refrigerated and all the materials are recyclable. The head brewer says both he and the owners think being environmentally friendly is just responsible business.

"They wanted to create a business that had as close to a zero carbon footprint as we could feasibly get to. So that we could capitalize on being part of the new round of businesses that's coming out now and hopefully be around for fifty years or more," said Sean O'Rear, head brewer.

Their high efficiency brewing system, also known as HEBS, is another green initiative.

It uses less grain while brewing beer, and also conserves both water and energy. 

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