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Indiana full-day kindergarten funding increased by over one hundred million

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State funding for full-day kindergarten has increased by over one hundred million dollars this year and Indiana public school corporations will receive the funding tomorrow. 

How much money local schools receive is based on how many kindergarten students they serve.. So the bigger the district.. The more grant funding they can expect to see. 

Tracy Pace has been teaching kindergarten students for ten years. She says it's a critical age for kids.

"Kindergarten is just a vital part of student's progress in their learning. Our kids come in and they're like babies. A lot of them don't know how to read their name, or they've never held a pencil or used scissors," said Pace. 

Indiana public schools that offer full-day kindergarten, like the Delaware School where Pace teaches, have received a significant boost in funding this year, $107 million.

The Evansville Vanderburgh County School district will see about $2.2 million of that funding.

Without that funding it's difficult to continue to provide the type of programming that our community expects and deserves.

David Smith, EVSC's superintendent, explains how much funding a district gets is based on how many students they serve. The fund provides $2,400 a student. An amount Smith hopes will stick.

"My hope and prayer is that they will embed this funding in the school funding formula so that we won't be concerned about losing this money in the future," said Smith. 

The money will be distributed on Friday to over 300 public school corporations in Indiana.

Warrick County's superintendent says they'll receive about $1.7 million on Friday.

The Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation is expecting just over half a million.

Again, those amounts are based on how many students each district serves. If you'd like to see how much money your school district will get, click here. 

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