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Dead trees could create dangerous situation for drivers

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Road crews in Hopkins County are keeping busy removing dead, potentially dangerous trees from the sides of roads. They say the ice storm of 2009 and this summer's drought are to blame. 

Crews say they try and get out every winter to do this, but since the ice storm, they're seeing more and more trees posing a threat to residents.

Hanging not far from roads, officials say dead trees can be days away from falling on cars or pedestrians.

"If you have a storm, a lot of wind, they're going to end up coming down on the road anyway. We're just trying to help and that way one life is worth more than anything," said Kenneth Bourland, Road Supervisor.

Along with knocking trees down, crews are creating ditches and shoulders to make the roadways are more visible.

"There's not enough room to get over so we widening the shoulders a little bit, cutting the dead spots out, blind sports so you can see around the corners," said Bourland.

Tom Hampton Sr. lives nearby where crews worked today. He says it's nice to see the county stay on top of this, and not wait until something bad happens.

"All you got to do is call they'll come cut them up and get them off the road but we're lucky here," said Hampton. "We don't have many limbs falling."

Bourland says this work also allows sunlight to hit the road which then melts the ice on the roads in the winter time.

"It cuts back on a lot of costs," said Bourland. "If the sun can come in it melt a lot of it. Then it lets the water go ahead and drain off quicker. Then it don't tear the roads up as bad and lets the moisture away from the roads," he said.

Hampton says it's nice to see these roads taken care of because of how dangerous they can be in the winter months.

"We had some oil rigs went down the road there and they tore the road up but they're gradually getting that back in shape so they do a pretty good job, I have to say," said Tom Hampton.

Officials say they plan to keep removing these trees all winter. if you have any near your home that you think could be dangerous, contact the public works office.

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