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Big changes coming to Mesker Park Zoo

Some noticeable changes are coming to Mesker Park Zoo.

The Parks and Recreation Department just approved a $600,000 contract for renovations. 

"We would take all this mesh off, replace it with glass," said Erik Beck, Mesker Park Zoo.

The Discovery Center will never look the same.

A portion of the outdoor exhibits will be replaced with glass so you can get face to face with some of these guys.

In places where the mesh is left, guard rails will be moved further back.

That's for the safety of the animals.

"A lot of instances where we have visitors trying to hand stuff to the animals or they can throw stuff in the exhibit so we're going to eliminate that possibility," said Beck.

The outdoor façade the building will also get a fresh coat of paint and a facelift.

The other place you'll see changes is in the Kley Building. A wall will be knocked down to create a much bigger room for traveling animal exhibits.

"For example insect exhibits, reptile exhibits," said Charlotte Roesner

"Whether they're jellyfish, starfish or seahorses or stuff like that. We've never had a space like that where we could do those year two seasonal exhibits so we're real excited to be able to create a space," said Beck.

The renovations should start sometime in January and should be completed by next spring. 

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