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Henderson small businesses receive recognition

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The Henderson Chamber of Commerce hosted its "Small Business of the Year" awards today.

The theme "Building an Environment for Entrepreneurship to Flourish."

"They are the back bone of the chamber, chambers across the country and the back bone of the national economy," said Brad Scneider, Chamber President.

Henderson Chamber President Brad Schneider is talking about small businesses.

"Sometimes when you're working day to day just trying to keep the doors open, you don't understand how much people appreciate what you're doing," said Schneider.

He says that's what this annual event is for, to give those hard working businesses the recognition they deserve.

The 2012 Small Business Award winners were Century 21 and Innovative Workflow Technologies.

To be eligible for the award, the businesses must have less than 50 employees.

"The federal government qualifies small businesses as anything under 500 employees but if you have more than 100 you're pretty big in Henderson so we try to concentrate on those small businesses that we know really struggle to succeed," said Schneider.

The chamber brought in guest speaker Michael Burcham.

He's CEO of Nashville Entrepreneur Center and spoke about ways for Henderson to embrace their local business growth.

"I shared today my top ten things any community can do regardless of your size to embrace and create an environment where startups can flourish. The good news is, Henderson has all those characteristics and qualities," said Burcham.

For those interested in starting a business in the Henderson Community, there's an event next Thursday, December 20, at 5:30 at the Chamber Office Downtown. 

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