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Whitesville to find new ways to grow after votes say no to alcohol sales

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Whitesville voters decided Tuesday night to keep forbidding alcohol sales in the city. One city commissioner says the city will have to find a new way to occupy empty businesses. 

Some Whitesville residents tell 14 News they are happy they can continue to enjoy their quiet city after voters decided against the sale of alcohol, but a city commissioner says the city will now have to find other ways to grow.

Carl Meyer and other pastors hit the streets last week to ask neighbors to vote against the sale of alcohol in Whitesville. Their work paid off.

"We feel good about it. We weren't sure how close it was going to be. It was closer probably what I would have thought, but we are still happy about it," Meyer said.

Whitesville Commissioner Bob Abell was hoping to draw in more business to Whitesville with alcohol sales, but now says they'll have to now come up with another plan.

"We just have to go back to the drawing board and  try to find new ways to find occupants for the empty buildings to help ourself grow," Abell said.

Harold Morris voted for the sale of alcohol in Whitesville, but says he isn't surprised with the vote.

"I just kind of figured it would go no because it has been this way for 70 years or so," Morris said to 14 News.

Abell says he is disappointed with the vote, but they will find new ideas to help Whitesville grow.

The commissioner also says he plans on collecting signatures for another wet/dry vote in three years. 

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