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EFD recruits are a little wet behind the ears

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Fire recruits took a dip at the newly renovated Lloyd pool Wednesday morning as part of their water rescue training and as 14 News found out, Evansville fire fighters do water rescues more than you may think. 

One by one the seven recruits jumped into the water.

"We're practicing rescuing people. Being able to reach them from the side of a bank," said Clayton Knight, Boonville firefighter. 

Some of them, like Knight are from Boonville. This is the first time firefighters from other cities are participating in the training.

"We have a dive team, on our department so it could help us with our dive team," said Knight.

For Evansville firefighters, this is an important part of training.

"There's a lot of water rescue that happens in Evansville. I would say the Evansville Fire Department makes a water run at least once a month," said Captain Chad Jordan, EFD.

These recruits learn basic water rescue techniques, and perhaps most interesting part of the training is when they jump in with their turn out gear.

Firefighters say that at first the gear can help you float.

"What ends up happening is it gets water logged, it gets heavier, it gets cumbersome to move and you get tired very quickly," said Cpt Jordan. "We want our recruits to see that being in the water with your fire gear is not something you want to do," he said.

How did these recruits do? Feelings were mixed.

"It's very surprising. There's a lot of weight on you when you get in there. You don't' think that it would exert you that much," said Kerry Postlewaite.

"It actually feels a lot lighter, because the air traps underneath and you feel lighter," said Knight.

Three of the recruits in Wednesday's class were from Boonville. The rest were Evansville Fire Department recruits. 

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