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Owensboro club reacts to votes to keep alcohol sales


Voters in two Daviess County communities voted on Tuesday on alcohol sales. 

Voters in Whitesville said no to a proposal that would have allowed alcohol sales in the city.

But in Owensboro's Precinct 13, voters said they wanted to keep alcohol sales, and that vote makes one social club very happy. 

The Fraternal Order of Eagles post sits squarely inside Owensboro's Precinct 13. Members say they are relieved with Tuesday's vote because it means they won't have to move or shut their doors and they can continue doing what they've always done, helping people.

Every hour is social hour when you're down at the Fraternal Order of Eagles, but don't be mistaken, they're also very good at something else. Charity.

"We give money to Boulware Center. We give money to ark. We give money to shop with a cop," Mike Baldwin said. 

The Fraternal Order of Eagles fund their charitable work from alcohol sales proceeds at their club. But a few weeks ago, a proposal to make their precinct dry threatened all of that. The Eagles said if the vote passed, they'd have to move or close their doors for good.

"I was very nervous. You never know how these things are going to come out. So, you always have to take them real serious," Baldwin said.

The group hit the streets to ask voters to keep allowing the sale of alcohol in Precinct 13.

"We went door to door Saturday, informing people the consequences if it went dry of all the things we would do," Baldwin said.

More than 80 percent of voters on Tuesday voted to keep the precinct wet. 

"I'm real pleased right now. I really am. We can continue to do the things we keep doing," Baldwin said to 14 News.

"We're going to continue to do what we always do. We're the Fraternal Order of Eagles. We're people helping people," said Alisa Shively with the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

The Owensboro Sportscenter is also in Precinct 13. City leaders said last week, they were worried the venue wouldn't be able to bring in big acts if alcohol sales were voted out.  

But alcohol sales are here to stay, at least for the next three years. That's the next time a petition like this could be brought again.  

In Whitesville, in a 71 to 66 decision, voters said no to allowing alcohol sales in their community.

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