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Owensboro precinct votes to keep alcohol sales


Voters in an Owensboro precinct made a decision Tuesday that have consequences for the entire city.

Voters in Owensboro's precinct 13 went to the polls to decide whether or not they want alcohol sold in their precinct. We are now hearing word back that they have voted to keep the sale of alcohol. The vote was 64 wet to 15 dry.

If alcohol sales were banned, that would have had a major impact on places like the Sportscenter, the Fraternal Order of Eagles, and the Rite Aid on West Parrish Avenue.

The Eagles partially rely on the sale of alcohol to pay their bills, keep their building, and fund their charitable acts.

When we spoke with them a couple weeks ago, they told us that if the sale of alcohol is banned in Precinct 13, they'll either have to move or close their doors.

The city says that big acts also might be discouraged from coming to the Sportscenter if the sale of alcohol isn't allowed.

Also happening Tuesday, voters in Whitesville will decide the same issue in their city.

According to a Whitesville commissioner, the city has been dry for 75 years.

We are hearing that they have voted against the sale of alcohol by a vote of 71 dry and 66 wet. Whitesville South voted 44 wet and 21 dry. Whitesville North voted 22 wet and 50 dry.

Officials say they can't have vote on this issue again for another 3 years.

We'll bring you reaction to Tuesday's votes tonight on 14 News at 10.

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