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Ride the bus during the 'Twelve Days of Christmas


If you're going to be in Owensboro this week, you might want to take the bus. 

You can even ride for free.

The Owensboro Transit System will offer free bus rides for the next week and a half. It's all part of their annual Twelve Days of Christmas. 

Chad Cox has been taking the bus in Owensboro for as long as he can remember.

"There's a lot of places you can go on the bus like the mall, WalMart, and restaurants," Cox said.

But, after awhile, it gets expensive. So, the transit system is giving riders a holiday gift. 

"The City of Owensboro has been offering free public transit for the first twelve days leading up to Christmas. It's good for those who use our service everyday and it's a good time to show our appreciation to those people," said Michael Hughes, the transportation system manger. 

It saves people a little money. Money they can spend on other things.

"Since it's so close to Christmas time, it would be good if you could save some money for buying presents for a loved one that don't afford Christmas that well," Cox said. "I can by my brother and mom some presents for Christmas."

Hughes says ridership is expected to double during these Twelve Days of Christmas. 

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