Painting Away!

My last task of the day before my lovely 4-day vacation—completing this blog entry!!!  This will be the last one until next Monday, so you have my permission not to check it for a few days:)  Ha!

Anyway, I wanted to tell you a little bit about my Saturday morning!  I mentioned in Friday's entry I'd be helping paint a home with the folks from Habitat for Humanity.  I know this isn't REALLY work-related, but I'm going to stretch it to make it fit:)  I've done a couple of stories now with Habitat, so this past week they told me it was time I jumped on board to help out!

Well, they were right!  It feels good to volunteer, at least in a more figurative sense.  Literally, it was a little uncomfortable… all those hours of painting, haha!

We had a group of about 12 of us working on this house on Morton Avenue.  I guess our picture-taker had part of his finger in front of the tiny lens on my camera:)

Anyway, we started (or, at least, I started) around 7:40am Saturday.  Several others were there before me, so hard telling how long they'd been working.

Before the painting could begin, we needed to pick up some dry wall, nails and other trash from the floor and do a little sweeping.  Then, when it came time to paint, we got a quick lesson before we were turned loose!

I started working in a bedroom with these two lovely ladies.  Yes, they are twins.  And yes, that did confuse me.  One of them, I believe the twin in the gray, will be receiving a Habitat home soon, so she was there helping with someone else's.  Turns out I went to school with their cousin.  Such a small little world in Evansville, isn't it?  That's what I like!

Before we could really put a dent in the walls, we had to do all the little stuff like painting around the corners, ceiling, electrical sockets and windows.  Once that was finished, we could move on to the more exciting work with the rollers!  By a little before noon we had 2 coats on the entire 5-bedroom, 1 and a half bath home!  Woo hoo!

All in all, the morning went pretty fast.  And, on top of helping someone out, I also learned a few things about painting!  (Where were those tips when I was painting my old apartment deep red without primer?!?  Whoops!!  It's funny, because whenever I told my dad I was painting on Saturday, he got all nervous that I'd been painting my apartment!)

So anyway, we had a good time, and I now think I have an official set of paint clothes.  I got pretty messy before all was said and done!

Before I go, let me get up on my soap box and be an advocate.  If you've ever THOUGHT about volunteering with Habitat (or any other organization for that matter), DO it!  Bring a friend or go alone—doesn't matter.  There are so many deserving causes and people in our area, they would all appreciate any help they could get!

Ok, well… that's all I got on painting:)  Now, off to a Christmas gathering.  First of the season.  I hope there are good snacks!!! :)  Ha!

Until next time,