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Man arrested after injuring child, burglarizing home, assaulting woman

Mikeal Reeves (Source: Kilgore Police) Mikeal Reeves (Source: Kilgore Police)

A Tyler man is behind bars after injuring a child and leading police on a chase.

Kilgore Police say 22-year-old Mikeal Reeves was arrested on a warrant for an injury to a child charge. But, before Reeves was apprehended, he lead authorities on a chase that resulted in a burglary, assault and scuffle with law enforcement.

Just days after a warrant was issued for Mikael Reeves' arrest, Kilgore Police learned they would find him working just on the edge of town.

"Wood County contacted us, and they believed he was working down there at the construction site at the new school," says Kilgore Police Captain Roman Roberson.

Police found Reeves working on the roof of the construction project. When they demanded he come down, he took off on foot and into a nearby neighborhood.

"He was going through backyards. A citizen actually, at one point, tried to take him down, but he was able to escape. Eventually, he broke into a house, broke the door down and assaulted a housekeeper. [Reeves] took her cell phone and ran into a back bedroom of the residence," says Roberson.

Reeves was originally wanted for allegedly injuring Taelynn Byron, his girlfriend's baby.
After being rushed to a Dallas hospital, Taelynn's mother, Trista, learned her baby had a fractured skull and broken ribs.

"She had bleeding in her retina, too, is what the doctors told me. That's caused by being shaken. They think her ribs were being squeezed. They told me there is no way it could be an accident,"  Trista said on Thursday.

Now that Reeves is behind bars, authorities say they are relieved he won't be hurting anyone else.

"We're just glad we were able to take him into custody and no one was hurt. The housekeeper did sustain some minor injuries, but she was fine. We're fortunate," says Roberson.

Taelynn is recovering. Part of her brain is still damaged, but doctors are hopeful that the healthy part of her brain will take over the damaged area. Reeves is now charged with injury to a child, burglary, and evading arrest. He is being held on a $320,000 bond.


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