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Owensboro students ready to address the mayor


Some fourth grade students at Estes Elementary School in Owensboro got to voice their opinions on a downtown project.

You probably wouldn't see them at a City Commission meeting, but students in Rachel Gaddis' fourth grade writing class let their voices be heard on Monday.

Later this morning, they'll be visited by Mayor Ron Payne.

These students recently wrote business letters to Mayor Payne about their appreciation for the newly renovated Smothers Park.

The students also gave ideas on how the park could be improved in the future.

Mayor Payne read all 75 of the letters that he received and talked with the students about their ideas.

Now of course before the letters were sent to the mayor, the students practiced what they're learning about the writing process and edited their letters.

This opportunity allows the students to take what they're learning in the classroom and apply it to the real world.

And who knows? Maybe after Monday when the students share their thoughts, we'll know if we have a future mayor or city commissioners on our hands.

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