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Local charity hosts 'Deerlicious' dinner

Everything from deer steak to deer spaghetti, everyone 14 News spoke to would agree when you say, 'It was very tasty.' Everything from deer steak to deer spaghetti, everyone 14 News spoke to would agree when you say, 'It was very tasty.'

Chowing down to raise money.

That's right, many ate deer meat, made several ways, Sunday to benefit a Tri-Dtate organization.

And they say it was deer-licious!

Those we spoke to say they were happy to come out to get some good food, and support a good cause.

Sunday, hundreds of people visited Resurrection Catholic Church to sample venison-based foods, such as tacos and spaghetti.

"It's incredible," said 16-year-old hunter Mat Seifert. "I mean, all the different flavors, all the different ways they've made it up, it's definitely given me some ideas of what I want to do."

But this event, entitled Deerlicious Two, was more than just a celebration of unconventional meat. It was a charity event to benefit local food pantries.

"This is a good deal for our community," said Founder of Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry Scott Hurt.

Hurt started the Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry organization in 2007, one that collects excess deer meat and processes it into donatable food, for pantries like the Tri-State Food Bank and United Caring Shelters.

"All of today's donations will go to help pay processing for the deer," Hurt said. "Again, that's our only fee. We're not paying to raise the animals. We're not paying to kill the animals. The only thing we pay is a nominal processing fee."

"I think we've gotten about 350 lbs so far this year from him," said Ron Wergel with United Caring Shelters. "So, it helps us feed people at the shelter."

Hurt says the deer population represents a tremendous food supply, that can easily aid the hungry. And he says saving the meat for those who really need it, just makes sense.

"One deer will feed 200 people one meal. So, you're donation helps a lot of people," Hurt said. "I just think it's the right thing to do and that's why I'm behind this."

If you didn't make it out to Deerlicious Two Sunday, you can still make a contribution by contacting Scott Hurt and paying a deer-processing fee.

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