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Fire breaks out in home on east side of Evansville

Washington Avenue was closed for almost an hour Sunday afternoon because of a small house fire. 

Fire crews were called to a home at the intersection of Rotherwood Avenue and Washington Avenue just after noon. They say an alert neighbor saw smoke coming from the home.

When crews arrived they say no one was home, but a dog was treated on the scene and taken by animal control for further treatment.

Investigators say the fire started in the kitchen.

"There was a burner left on, on the stovetop, and that's where the heat source was that ignited some ordinary combustibles sitting close to the stovetop. That's where the fire started and why, but now, why the stove was left on is yet to be determined," fire investigator, Richard Howard said.

Fire crews say the home did have working smoke alarms and they were working to notify the homeowners.

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