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Voters appear split on Whitesville alcohol sale ban

Voters will decide next week whether to allow the sale of alcohol in Whitesville.

Some Whitesville residents say that the sale of alcohol in their city will disrupt the quiet atmosphere, but a city commissioner says it could help the local economy.

Carl Meyer has lived in the City of Whitesville for more a year and is reminding people to head to the polls.

"We have some fliers. Primarily fliers. We're doing some things by telephone. We want to get the word out announcing this election," said Meyer.

Voters will get to decide Tuesday whether to allow the sale of alcohol in the city.

"Whitesville has been dry for 75 years. We have not had a restaurant in Whitesville for probably 25 years that is opened in the evening," said Commissioner Bob Abell.

Commissioner Abell says the sale of alcohol could bring more businesses to Whitesville.

"I believe it would help the local economy. Once you have a restaurant come in, especially in the evenings. People will come in," said Abell.

But Meyer still thinks alcohol's a bad idea.

"I'm in opposition to having alcohol in Whitesville primarily because this is such a nice, small town," said Meyer.

At a Thursday night open forum, Commissioner Abell says the room split on the issue 50/50.

Also in Daviess County, Owensboro's Precinct 13 is expected to have an alcohol vote on Tuesday, deciding whether to ban the sale of alcohol there. 

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