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Police say car in fatal accident on Evansville's south side was speeding

New information on the fatal accident at Linwood and Taylor Avenues in Evansville.

Police say the driver of the car last night was speeding, left the road and hit a tree on the corner on Linwood and Taylor.

49-year-old Carl Fletcher Jr. died from his injuries.

No word on the condition of 21-year-old Cameron Martin, who was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

14 News spoke to one neighbor who says he's lived on that corner all his life.

Last nights wreck is actually the third fatal accident he's seen there and the fact that it's such a dangerous intersection has actually pushed him to take some preventative measures in his own life. 

Christina Phillips was one of the first people to stumble across a fatal car accident. An accident that narrowly missed her living room window.

"Me and my family. It could have easily come through the house and killed us," said Phillips. 

The whole thing was captured by a tiny outdoor camera, put up by Chris McIntosh.

Investigators at the accident told him the driver was allegedly traveling at speeds of up to 80 miles an hour in the residential neighborhood.

"This road is an older road, it's not built for that sort of speed," said McIntosh.

McIntosh says, unfortunately, it's nothing new. He's witnessed one too many accidents while living in his childhood home.

"I think we've had three SUVs that have had wrecks here, the one convertible and we've had a motorcycle flip here as well," said McIntosh.

He says three of those have been fatal, something that also hits a little too close to home.

"I have kids. I don't allow them to play out in front of the yard because of the traffic," said McIntosh. "I've moved my living room into the back of the house because I'm afraid one day I'll be sitting in the house and I'll have a car in the front of my house," he said. 

Neighbors say it's better for everybody, drivers and people who live there, if everybody just slows down.

While our crew was at the scene speaking with witnesses, they met a friend of Carl Lundgren Jr., the Evansville man who died. Shelly told 14 News that Carl was generous and always good for a laugh.

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