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Way to go, Tri-State!

I am happy to report that there are some pretty awesome people in the Tri-State.  I think most of us knew this anyway, but just in case your faith was starting to falter a little bit, I have proof!

Today I covered a story about a church on Evansville' South side that had an expensive (like almost $14k expensive) A/C unit damaged overnight.  Police believe a man was up on the roof trying to steal it when a neighbor saw him and called 911.  They caught the guy, but apparently the unit will still need to be replaced. 


After the story aired at 6pm, we received two phone calls into the newsroom from people wanting to help out the church by donating money to help cover their insurance deductible.  How awesome is that?? One of them even wanted to pay the whole $500!!!  The pastor was so appreciative and even said he'd received some calls from people as well about the story.


During his interview he talked about having faith something would happen.  And look at that, something did.  It certainly feels good to be involved in a story like that.  Sometimes I wonder how I am helping anyone through my job.  It's nice to know sometimes we, as media organizations, do more than just share the news. :)

I'm heading home for the weekend on a high note.  Got to rest up though, early morning tomorrow painting a Habitat home!  This will be my first time volunteering with them, so I hope all goes well!!!  I'll try to remember to take some pictures to post Monday!

Enjoy the weekend!

Until next time,


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