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Construction set to start on new O'boro Public Works building


Some changes are coming to the Public Works Complex in Owensboro.

Construction is scheduled to start on a new multi-purpose building next week that will serve all the public works departments.

The Public Works Department says that the new building will help to increase efficiency.

It will do that by providing a central location to store equipment that's shared between different departments.

The new fill supply building will look similar the one in the picture.

The wings will be used for storing things like chainsaws and snowblowers, and the main building is big enough to park snow equipment during the winter.

This also provides another location for public works to protect its tools and equipment.

Over the past several years, the various departments have consolidated to this one location, and officials recognize some of the challenges that come with that.

Wayne "In the public sector in today's environment, you're charged with doing more with what you have, and part of that is accomplished through cross-training the different crews of sharing of tools and equipment," said Wayne Shelton, Owensboro Public Works.

Now because interior construction isn't really a factor, the department says the building should be complete by the end of the year.

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