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Man says neighbor's quick thinking saved his life during shooting

Karen Garris (left) and Sam Garris (right) Karen Garris (left) and Sam Garris (right)

Police respond to a shooting Thursday night on Evansville's east side. 

It happened in the 1700 block of East Franklin Street.

Police say two homes were hit after someone fired at a group of people standing outside.

Sam Garris says he was standing with his neighbor on some back steps when the shots rang out and he says quick action by his neighbor, may have been what saved his life.

"That's where the shooter was. As soon as the first shot shot off. My neighbor shoved me down. I'm on the ground like this," said Sam.

Sam Garris reenacts his crawl to safety after police say someone began shooting at him and his friends Thursday night from behind an SUV.

"We hear, "pow pow" and I look over, I see yellow flashes. Pow pow!," said Sam. 

The bullets missed Sam but hit two homes.

"It's scary. It really is," he said.

His wife says one of the bullets went through his neighbor's back wall and into their kitchen with their two-year old child inside.

"If that baby would have been in that kitchen. That baby would have been hit. We're talking about something serious here. You know, someone could have died," said Karen Garris.

Garris says he pointed investigators to a back alley where they found shell casings, but no sign of the shooter.

As of Friday night, Police have not named a suspect but say they continue to follow leads.

"Whoever did this, they need to be caught. They need to be taken off the streets," said Sam. 

"Somebody knows something out there and if they do, please come forward," said Karen. 

Sam suffered a few scrapes and bruises from diving to the ground, but no one was seriously injured.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers or Evansville Police.

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