Health officials say it's an active Flu season for Tri-State

So far, this has been an active Flu season in the Tri-State.

In Daviess County, there's a growing number of residents getting sick, both young and old.

The Owensboro Medical Health System says they have seen an increase in people testing positive for flu in Daviess County. Last months numbers were a lot higher compared to the year before.

Corey Moore is a vocal performance major at Kentucky Wesleyan College has a busy class schedule.

"I have choir, music theory, music notation, I have a forensic science class, I'm also in human development," said Moore.

With final exams coming up, Moore says he cannot afford to get sick.

"I got the Flu once. It felt like I was about to die! HA!," said Moore.

Flu season is hitting Daviess County hard this year!

"Last year in November we had four cases reported. This year in November we reported 89 cases where patients tested positive for Flu," said Gordon Wilkerson, OMHS spokesperson.

Some college students have come prepared to fight the counties early Flu season.

"My mom loves to send me care packages and every time she sends me care packages she either sends me hand sanitizer or vitamins or something to make sure I am staying healthy," said Bailey Wilson, Kentucky Wesleyan College senior.

The best advice to fight the Flu is washing your hands

"That's the number one way to prevent the spread of disease, any disease, Flu or any other disease," said Wilkerson.

Adults 65 and older are more susceptible to the Flu.

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