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Evansville trying to get the word out on one of city's "best kept secrets"

Evansville is launching a new branding initiative to better promote the Haynie's Corner Arts District.

It's a plan the city hopes will help shed light on one of it's best kept secrets.

The meeting, to be held Saturday, will focus on how to bring more people to Haynie's Corner.

It's an area that's attracting more attention and utilizing the arts to help spur economic growth.

"What you've got to realize is that it can happen," said Bokeh Lounge owner Dustin Barrows.

Barrows says launching a new initiative to promote Haynie's Corner Arts District will build on the progress he and others have been working on for years.

"We've been down here for a year. Profits are going up," said Barrows. "It's already happening. We've already done the hard work. You can come down here, open a business, and be successful," he said.

The city will hold it's second Neighborhood Workshop Saturday.

Department of Metropolitan Development executive director Philip Hooper says community input will help paint a better picture of how to attract businesses, residents and tourists.

"How to use arts for a catalyst for community development and what do they want to see in their neighborhood? What do they want to see at Haynie's Corner," said Hooper.

And how best to promote it?

Hooper says a partnership with an urban public design firm could help focus branding efforts.

"It's a perfect time to looking at, how do you tie that story together in a way that really resonates and pays respect to the hard work that residents around Haynie's Corner have been doing for a long time to improve that area," said Hooper.

And like Barrows says, the movement has already begun.

"I think basically it's a big blank, empty canvas ready to be painted on," Hooper said.

The meeting is set for Saturday morning from 8:30 until noon at Center of Hope Church.

That's at 808 Southeast Third Street.

Hooper says organizers will then conduct interviews and get to know the neighborhood over a six-week period.

The project will include branding and logos, signs and banners, and videos to showcase.@

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