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Creating a better story

To begin with, I am in a surprisingly good mood:)  Let me just throw that out there.  It's because today, the tv world was good to me.  Here's why. 

You know, I've mentioned before a little bit about the ways we come up with stories.  Sometimes they come to us via press releases or phone calls, but oftentimes we (reporters) come up with them ourselves through sources, etc.

Today was a little mix of both.  We found out yesterday that EPD would be holding a press conference to show off some stolen goods recently seized during a theft investigation.  I sort of claimed the story last night.  Now, press releases are great, but you can usually find a much better story if you keep on diggin' a little bit more. 


So, this morning I called over to EPD to get some more information about the stolen items.  I found out there were TONS of them.  That told me there would be lots of video (as opposed to a boring press conference where there is nothing to see).  Then, as we were talking, it came up that one of the stolen items was a set of gear belonging to a volunteer firefighter in St. Meinrad.


We always try to include one "real person" in our stories.  And what I mean by that is someone who isn't speaking in an "official" capacity.  So in addition to talking to authorities at the press conference, I decided to try and find that firefighter.  Police couldn't help me since his stuff was found by the Sheriff's Office, so I made a couple of calls on my own.  Town Hall in Ferdinand knew where the Fire Chief worked.  The secretary at his job gave me his cell phone number.  The Fire Chief gave me the firefighter's number.  (That's him in the picture.)  And, then, everything fell into place!


In an ideal tv world, I would have been able to get video of the firefighter coming and retrieving his gear.  That's a lot to ask, though, with short notice.  I was plenty happy to drive to St. Meinrad and interview him and the Chief.  That drive took an extra 2 hours or so of the day, but I think it really helped to personalize the story.  At least, that's what I was going for:)

Anyway, that's just a little run-through of how my story was put together today.  One of those times when just about all of the stars aligned.  Man, I love those days!

Even better, tomorrow is Friday.  Even better than that, I have next Tuesday-Friday off!   Sorry, can't help but celebrate it a little bit.  Have to burn those vacation days up before the end of the year!!

Until next time,




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