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911 call released that lead to deadly shooting of suspect

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A 14 News follow up to the fatal shooting involving Vanderburgh County deputies earlier this week.

We now have copies of the radio traffic and the 911 call that initially sent police to Lindal Johnson's door.

That shooting happened in the early morning hours on Tuesday.

It all started when Evansville dispatchers got a 911 hang-up call and when they called it back, the person who answered told them he'd just been attacked.

Shortly after midnight on Tuesday, December 4, a cell phone caller told 911 dispatchers about a bizarre encounter with a man at a west side home.

Caller: "And the guy is acting weird. And saying all kinds of random stuff . I'm trying to leave and this dude starts getting like- I don't know if it was a golf club or what and starts bashing my window."

Dispatcher: "What's the guys name who damaged your car, do you know?"

Caller: "I believe it's Lindal. I don't know his last name."

Sheriff Eric Williams says 2 deputies went to the home to talk with Lindal Johnson who quickly became aggressive and threw a hatchet. The radio traffic from that night tells what happened next.

Radio Traffic: (shots fired file) 3:15 king 2 2! shots fired! shots fired! any car near Selzer and Broadway? shots fired. I'm in route... I'm in route... I'm in route. Let's start AMR."

Radio Traffic: "Both officers okay. Subject sustained gunshot wound."

Deputies say they tried using Tasers on Johnson before firing but he did not respond to the charges.

Sheriff Eric Williams says both deputies took some time off and are expected to return to work Thursday night.

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