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New restaurant coming to Downtown O'boro


The heart of Owensboro continues to grow and thrive.

Officials have announced a new addition will be coming to the Riverfront Crossing that will face St. Ann Street. 

Economic leaders say it won't be long before this empty lot in the Riverfront Crossing area looks a little different. That's because a mixed use building, complete with a new restaurant will be built.

It's an exciting announcement for Downtown Date Night organizer Steve Champion, whose event is based in that area.

"I think it's gonna be fantastic. We really, first and foremost, the thing that we've enjoyed most about being down here during this whole project is literally watching it transform," said Champion. 

The new restaurant will include a walk through window where pedestrians can order their food.

That concept fits perfectly with Champion's event.

"The idea was we were trying to promote the walkability of Owensboro and of the downtown area and the new project," said Champion. 

This mixed use addition to downtown excites city leaders.

"What it does is it allows for higher density environments, allows for residential to be mixed with retail to be mixed with office, which really goes towards creating a longer life cycle for a downtown, more activity," said Joe Berry, Owensboro Economic Development.

Berry says he's not surprised that developers selected space in the riverfront crossing for their project.

"We always knew as the downtown project progressed that we would get some things built in the crossings. We knew it was a matter of time," said Berry. 

And there's still another empty lot facing Smothers Park that's waiting to be developed.

"It would be another small space, but it would be a cool space," said Berry.

Champion looks forward to the continued growth of the area.

"The more we add to it, the better it's gonna be for everybody," said Champion. 

Economic leaders say that we should know a lot more specifics about the restaurant either by the end of the year or by the start of 2013.

Developers plan to have the building completed by spring.

We do know that the restaurant will be authentic and unique to Owensboro. 

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